Một ngày làm vườn của bà nội trợ – bí mật của cà rốt | A housewife's day of gardening

Một ngày làm vườn của bà nội trợ – bí mật của cà rốt | A housewife’s day of gardening – the secret of carrots

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  1. what is in carrots? i googled it and can't find anything about the science of it..

  2. Well people.. this is how you still grow a garden without $ to go buy 19 diff chems and fertilizers.. I've realized I spent so much $ just trying to grow some tomatoes.. I probably would have saved money if I'd just went and bought them, lol

  3. I love the smell of Rosemary but I didn't know some people ate a lot of the large leafs as they are highly aromatic.

  4. Cây hương thảo có tên gọi khác k ạ? Với lại mua ơ đâu dê trông ạ

  5. Hình như a sống ở nước ngoài hay ở Vietnam vậy a nè

  6. Thank you for this relaxing video about gardening, I love to grow plants and also have depression, gardening makes me happy ,so again Thank you for the gardening tips 😆

  7. ban nen dich sang tieng anh, se thu hut nhieu nguoi xem hon. kenh rat huu ich

  8. Rat thich clips cua anh. Gop y : cai chao chien trung bi cu hu roi anh nen bo , xai cai chao moi tot cho suc khoe .Cam on nhieu clip chia se cua anh 😀

  9. i think this is a description of ADD, ATTENTION DEFICIT ORDER

  10. Ilove this video he put everything to use i learn alot thank u home and Garden keep going

  11. Can’t figure out what your doing? Every time writing shows up on the video ore comes up on top of it so you can’t read it.

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