Brent Does Eva's Makeup?!!! | ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva

Welcome back to SEASON 2 of BRENT VS. EVA! In this next episode of “VS”, Brent is challenged to do Eva’s Make-up in 10 minutes and it really gets crazy fast!!!! Will Eva like what Brent has done with her face? Is Brent going to become the next James Charles? Will Brent finally profess his undying love for Eva?!!!!!!!! You don’t want to miss this episode and other new episodes airing EVERY WEEK on #AwesomenessTV! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe letting us know if you’re team Brent Rivera OR team MylifeasEva?

The show where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!

→ Credits ←
Brent Rivera @BrentRivera
Eva Gutowski @MyLifeasEva

EP/Director: Christopher Babers
DP: Marshall Douglis
PD: Victoria Slate
Editor: Jacob Gehnert


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  1. They are totally in love guys, just too much for them to accept it on camera coz it's a lot more "complicated" for them

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