Bà nội trợ nay đã biết cách trồng đậu phộng | The housewife now knows how to grow peanuts

Bà nội trợ nay đã biết cách trồng đậu phộng | The housewife now knows how to grow peanuts

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  1. A few of those (3-4) allowed to sprout and grow in that container might really yield you some more peanuts. At least you have some greens chickens or goats, etc., might enjoy. Ideally you might plant that many seed 2-3 inches apart, in rows 18 inches apart (7cm apart in rows 45cm apart) in a sunny garden. When the plants begin to show bottom leaves beginning to turn brown spotted at about 4 months you can harvest green peanuts for boiling, or a week or two later pull for drying upside down you have mature peanuts.

  2. Ui cha cầu kỳ mà lại tốn hạt giống trồng dày vậy cây phát triển như cây tăm không có nhiều nhánh ít hoa thì được bao nhiêu củ lạc không thu được giống về kkkk

  3. For Peanuts also

    Soil names and watering process

    Means every day watering or any other process please tell me

  4. For potato

    How many number of soils and Which type of those names

    And watering process Means daily or when correct time to every watering time tell me please

  5. Very Nice

    None of your video is up to fruit taking .. Kindly Update

  6. Rách việc. Sang cây như vậy cây sẽ bị chưngx lại một thời gian rồi mới phát triển tiếp được

  7. How are the PEANUT PLANTS? it’s been 3 months since your posting 😊

  8. peanuts need more space. It won't give you a better harvest if you plant it that way. better if you plant One seed in every pot.

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