Vietnam storms to U23 Asian Cup final after losing 1-2 to Uzbekistan

Vietnam finished second in the AFC U23 final against Uzbekistan after the latter scored in the last minute of extra time, brining the score to 1-2.
In addition to silver medals, the Vietnamese team also received the Fair Play Award for its performance throughout the competition, which took place in China.

It is the first time a Vietnamese national team has made it this far in a continental championship, attracting attention from global football fans.

After losing, Vietnam’s Korean coach Park Hang-seo was seen surrounded by his players shouting “Why do we have to keep our heads down?” while beating his chest. “We don’t have to keep our heads down because we’ve tried our best.”


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  1. Ils ont crié victoire avant que le match débute. Donc défaite méritée. Bizarre, ils courent comme l'équipe Coréenne de 2002. L'entraineur est un Coréen ? Ah, je comprends mieux. En tout cas, un grand bravo à l'équipe d'Ouzbékistan. Du talent et de la volonté de jouer l'attaque. Rien à voir avec le 5-4-1 de l'adversaire.

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