Eva 01 Berserk (EPIC MOMENT)


  1. I just found a continuity error. In this episode, Shinji went into the EVA with his casual clothes, but when they try to recover him in the next episode, his EVA uniform in floating in the LCL. What gives Anno? SMH

  2. 主人公の呼びかけに応じて機体が再起動するっていう熱いシチュエーションを

  3. ゼルエルの捕食シーンが北斗の拳の死亡シーンよりものすごくグロいし子供に見せたらめっちゃ泣くからトラウマになるよ

  4. Which was cooler? The new one or the old one? TBH the new one is dope but theold one is crazy

  5. Their is nothing more terrifying than a human like being that’s supposed to be acting human but is acting live a savage animal, especially one that it the size of a 70 story building

  6. When,you're into to apeshit and then you release your being to far away.

  7. Watching the EVA's eyes turn into bright circles that actually blink while screaming a distorted human scream and growing a human arm is pure nightmare fuel, nothing is comparable to this tbh

  8. Everything about this is amazing, to the animation, to the sounds of the evangelion and how animalistic it acts. But the creepiest part of all this is that Yui is doing all of that, to howling of the evangelion and to crawling on all fours.

  9. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how well animated this scene is compared to other the rest of the show. The must’ve broke bank from here on out

  10. i felt like this scene, although it’s scary not only for the audience but also the characters, when you realise that’s shinji’s mum, it kind of changes what you initially thought. i don’t know if i’m just making it emotional or smth but finding out that it’s Yui Ikari is kind of poetic in that Yui truly did care for her child and would willingly protect them after death, unlike his dad 🙁 but every time i look at this scene, i don’t find it horrifying but more wholesome??? not the word i want to use

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